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Bayern Munich v Chelsea Live: tactical preview

champions league final tacticsA rare thing game of this magnitude as the Champions League final (Bayern Munich v Chelsea Live) to close, but there are so many great questions about titulars on both teams.

Four players at Chelsea (defenders John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic and midfielders and Raul Meyrelesh, Ramires) and three of Bayern  are punished. This means that any understanding of what might happen in the finale will be filled with "maybe" s and "if".

The composition of Bayern Munich is probably easier to predict than that of Chelsea. Little doubt that the preferred starting XI will be almost identical to that in the two semifinal match against Real Madrid and Cup finals in Germany with Dortmund on Saturday. The scheme was 4-2-3-1: Lahmi, Boateng, and kale in Badshtuber protection Luizh Gushtavo and supporting midfielders Schweinsteiger, Robben on the right, Ribery and Kroos left behind tare Gomez.

This composition is beautifully balanced with links throughout the course: Lahmi and Robben right and what was the probable reason for the dominance in the first game in Madrid, the triangle in the central midfield with Schweinsteiger was hanging back and return if necessary Kroos.

A real interesting thing is what kind of Chelsea will go into the match. Without Terry and Ivanovic temporary manager Roberto Di Matteo hopes Luizh David Cahill and be ready to play after strains. No game in Saturday's final match of the Premier League against Blackburn, but there are reports that both will be ready to sit in the center of defense in the final. If not, you will probably need to Essien back from midfield, unless Di Matteo does not apply to 22-year-old Sam Hutchinson, who has just arrived in the game.

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