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Guardiola: I am surprised that we missed 24 chances to score

champions league live sportCoach Josep Guardiola of Barcelona disappointed with the loss  0:1 of Chelsea said the meeting has evolved exactly according to his expectations.

Barca coach regrets missed chances. Barcelona beat rivals the "Bridge" in the first semifinal of the Champions League but lost the fight.

"Chelsea are favorites now, but we have 90 minutes ahead and we must try to do our best to go through,"

"Our goal is to create 24 chances like we did today and score a goal. We must take same more risks, but I have told my players that if we created chances today, then we will do at Camp Nou as well."

"We know that in order to score, we need to create a lot of chances."

"The result is what it is," he noted. "We probably had the highest number of chances away from home in a semifinal game, but we know that not scoring on the road will damage you.

"They scored a goal and I imagine that the same thing will happen at Camp Nou, with 10 Chelsea players in their area.

"This is a good goal for us, we will take it and if we want to be considered a big side, we will have to win.

However, the Catalan coach refused to criticize Roberto Di Matteo's strategy, saying. "I am not the one to say how they must play.

"They are the ones who must know how they have to play, but we cannot forget the fact that they have reached the Champions League semifinals six times in the last nine years.

"Unfair result? No, this is football. You do not win with possession of the ball; if that were the case then we would win all the time.

"You have to score goals and that is what we will try to do in the return leg."