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Wenger happy after the drama against Marseille

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was pleased after another "small step" for his team - a dramatic 1-0 victory in the Champions League. By defeating Olympique Marseille "Arsenal were leading in its flow.

But three points did not come easily, and after Aaron Ramsey in place in the 2nd minute of overtime.

Ramsey climbed off the bench to bag the winner and Wenger joked that a competition that has not been kind to him in the past may now be offering him some good fortune.

"We haven't always been lucky in this competition," Wenger said. "But my three subs combined for the goal. That makes me lucky.

"We lost a late goal to Dortmund and we lost the Champions League final (to Barcelona in 2006) in the final 10 minutes with 10 men.

"We have made a little step forward but we have to be humble. We are a team who has to continue to grow. It will help our confidence.

"If you look back at the last five or six games, you will see only one defeat. We are slowly getting there. This result will help."