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Police detain 29 after Newcastle violence

Police say they have now arrested 29 people after trouble flared in the centre of Newcastle following Sunderland's 3-0 Tyne-Wear derby win at St James' Park.

Three police officers were injured in the clashes, which saw Newcastle fans attempting to confront Sunderland supporters at the city's Central Station. Other incidents of violence broke out in central areas, with video footage showing fans throwing bottles towards police and one man attempting to punch a police horse before being hauled to the ground by officers.

Speaking on Sunday, Chief Superintendent Steve Neill, of Northumbria Police, said: "The vast majority of fans were well behaved and enjoyed the Tyne-Wear derby for the great occasion that it is. "Disappointingly, there was some disorder involving what appear to be Newcastle United supporters following the match in the city centre, including an incident at Central Station. "Disruptive behaviour of any kind is not tolerated. Inquiries will take place into these incidents, and action will be taken against all those involved."