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Wenger dismisses Song return

Arsene Wenger has said there is no buy-back in Alex Song’s contract, in response to reports that the Barcelona player’s cousin - Rigobert Song, said he is not enjoying life in Spain.

The Arsenal manager, in fact, advised former Gunners midfielder Song to at least give it two seasons at the club. Former Cameroon international Rigobert Song was quoted on Wednesday as saying: “This season he has only been a substitute. He is not happy. At Arsenal he was a leader on and off the field - he doesn’t feel like this in Spain and it makes him feel bad.”

Despite Song hinting his cousin may want to return to London, Wenger denied it was a possibility.

“There is no buy-back [clause] in his contract," he said. "I heard he wants to give it a go for another season, which you can understand because it’s the first season. I think he’s a quality player and sometimes the players have to insist when it doesn’t go well and not change his mind too soon.

“My personal advice for him would be to give it another go and after two seasons he can still make a decision.”