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Wolfsburg and Mainz failed to defeat

sport live bundesliga bettingIn the match from the 15th round of the Bundesliga Wolfsburg failed to beat the team Mainz 05 on "Volkswagen Arena" and both teams ended 2-2 draw.

So Wolfsburg is located at 11th in the standings with 17 points on his account, and Mainz is on 12th with 16. The teams split their one half of the game.

Even in the early minutes "wolves" were able to achieve pressures and situations in front of Mainz 05 followed one after another. In the 10th minute of the match after an error in the defense of Mario Mandzhukich guests managed to pass through two players and Mainz shot hit counter Christian Vetko.

Quarter of an hour later, Ja-Cheol Koo detect cross from the left, but the shot was within reach of the goalkeeper. Two minutes later, followed by two lightning attacks "wolves".

Ashkali Deyaaga centered left and the last defender Jan Kirchhoff efforts failed to clear the ball into the corner. After implementation of the corners the ball fell in Ja-Cheol Koo and he shoots a severe blow to the door of Mainz, but the watchman of the guests again intervene great. Impressed that most of the attacks of Wolfsburg was involved Deyaaga Ashkali.

The second half Mainz 05 out radically changed. Wolfsburg are back in their half and that enable Mainz to look at the door Benalio Diego. The hosts in turn relied on counterattacks.

In 63th minutes a dangerous blow to Deyaaga was reflected by Vetko. Seven minutes later, Andreas Ivanshitts was fouled in the penalty area by goalkeeper Benalio and chief referee pointed white point.

Benalio Diego where he felt would make a kick Ivanshitts but Austrian reduced to 1:2. In the 81-minute meeting Elkin Soto won single combat left and found logged on as a substitute Eric-Maxim Chupo Moting that without being disturbed to equalize 2-2.