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Yellow Submarine at the bottom

champions league odense v villarealOdense have every chance of reaching the group stage of the Champions League after beating Villarreal with 1-0 in the first leg of their play-off tie.

Yellow Submarine got plenty of chances to find the net, but Stefan Wessels proved to be too much of an obstacle and Hans Henrik Andreasen eventually became the hero following his late goal.

The first half was extremely boring as none of the two teams failed to reach seriously Crossbar position. Nilmar only invites guests tried their luck with a hit beyond the boundary of the box, but inaccurate.

In this first part of the Villarreal team ruled the ball more, but the hosts have made relatively successful press. So the first 45 minutes ended without a goal.

The second half started much more interesting, and at a distance of only 4 minutes between 55th and 59th failed Rossi and Nilmar for Villarreal, but Traore shot of the hosts was killed with mastery of Lopez. In 84 minutes, contrary to the logic of Odense the lead in the match result. Foolish mistake of Christian Zapata allow Andreas to steal the ball into the penalty area and made helpless for Diego Lopez 1-0. This was the last game in an interesting situation.

So despite the territorial supremacy of Villarreal and the slightly better chances to "Yellow Submarine" was a victory for Odense after blunder of Zapata.

Next week is the revenge of "El Madrigal."