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Rubin ruined Tottenham and tied the situation in Group A

sport live europa leagueRussian Rubin (Kazan) achieved an important victory in their struggle to overcome the group stage of UEFA Cup after beat Tottenham with 1-0.

The duel of the Central Stadium in Kazan passed under the control of the hosts and guests from London had little situations to Sergei Rizhikov.

A free-kick from Bibras Natcho was the difference as Rubin Kazan secured three points and it could have been more if it wasn't for the heroics of goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini.

After a serious motorbike accident a few years ago, the Italian has come back stronger than ever.

Bond said: "Carlo pulled off one save in particular in the first half and a couple of other excellent saves for us tonight and that is what we knew he was capable of."

The Spurs No.2 was in charge for the night following manager Harry Redknapp's heart surgery and he made sure he wasn't influenced by him at all.

"I left my phone in the changing room and will give him a call on the way home," Bond continued.

"I spoke to him earlier in the day and he was in fine form. He is threatening to come in tomorrow - perhaps a bit of extra training for the lads!"

Rubin Kazan are in brilliant form at home in Europe and have beaten Champions League winners Barcelona in recent years, and Bond insisted his side did not take the task at hand for granted.

Bond added: "We were under no illusion how good a side they were.

"They are a very good side with a lot of good players and in the end just one goal made the difference. "It is going to be tight right until the end, but with the games we have got left, it is still in our hands to qualify and we feel confident we will do."