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Could Tottenham Win The Premier League Title This Season

Tottenham Hotspur are notoriously English football’s nearly men with the team having been on the brink of major success for years but have never broken into the monopoly of the big four clubs. They have been trying for a long time to have the same kind of long term dominance that teams like Man Und and Liverpool have enjoyed over the decades.

Despite the FA Cup triumphs and the League Cup win in 2008 which shows Spurs can produce winning teams most Tottenham fans are inbuilt to expect they will have a good team with some talent but will always just fall short of having major success. The last few years have shown that Spurs can be brilliant finishing in the top 5 in each of the last 4 seasons constantly flirting with Champions League football.

Of course Spurs got into Europe’s biggest competition in 2010 but over the years getting into the top 4 has offered more last day heartaches than top level European football. From Lasagne -Gate to Harry Rednapp being distracted by the England job and even Chelsea winning the Champions League are just some of the times Spurs have cruelly had 4th place pulled out from right under their feet. To further add insult to injury Arsenal are normally the team to leapfrog then and take 4th which for any Spurs fan is just extra insulting.

This year however could be different. Now I know most people don’t see Spurs even breaking into the top 4 this year let alone have a realistic shot at challenging for the title… I however can see several big reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate Tottenham and why the men from North London could be mounting a serious title challenge over the next 9 months. So with one week of the season in the books let’s look at some of the things that could see Spurs lifting the Premier League trophy come May.