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Buffon:Ibra has certainly kept his incisiveness



"Ibra has certainly kept his incisiveness, helping Milan to keep the same level from last season."Pirlo has balanced the gap between Milan and Juventus."Was Pirlo a gift from Milan? I do not think so. He wanted to come here and seize a new challenge.

"The Italy international then admitted that he is thrilled to see Juventus challenging for the Scudetto again after the club's disappointing results in recent seasons."It is really satisfying, although this season has been a bit different: Inter have struggled and Napoli have the Champions League handicap, which has narrowed down the Scudetto race to Milan and Juventus."But it is a big surprise, because at the beginning no one thought this could happen.

"This is good for Serie A, otherwise Milan would win it hands down."The 34-year-old keeper then stated that he does not believed that the outcome of Saturday's match will determine the Serie A champion."It is too soon," Buffon noted. "If we win, I do not think we will be closer to the Scudetto. "And the same thing can be said about Milan, if we lose."