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Serie A probably will not start this Saturday

serie a live bettingBeginning of the season in Serie A is likely to be postponed after management rejected the League's proposals at the last minute of the football federation of Italy. New Cup of Italy should start on Saturday.

Local federation president Giancarlo Abete offered 20 million euros to cover the additional costs of the new collective agreement.

The president of Serie A Maurizio Beretta said, however, that the position of clubs remained unchanged until they are voted on two changes in the collective agreement.

The clubs want to be allowed to coach teams to draw from side players who train separately from the first team players but also to pay a fee "solidarity" in the size of their salary.

A statement from the federation read on Thursday: "The Lega Serie A will not accept further mediation and will not sign the collective agreement with the players' association (AIC).

"At this point it seems more probable that the first round of Serie A games will be postponed."

Clubs also want players to pay a new solidarity tax that applies to high earners.

"We already stated yesterday our conditions to renew the collective contract," said Lega Serie A president Maurizio Beretta.

"Our requests are reasonable and balanced.

"We hope AIC will call off the strike and accept the alterations to the contract proposed by us otherwise they will have to assume all the responsibility."

An old collective agreement expired at the end of the 2009/10 season and talks for its renewal continued throughout the 2010/11 campaign and this summer.

AIC president Damiano Tommasi insists the players will not back down.

"We have said it in previous days," he said. "We reiterate it again today.

"Without the signature of the collective contract the players will not go out on the pitch on Saturday and Sunday.

"Once the contract is signed, the players will be ready to play.

"Now we will await (FIGC president Giancarlo) Abete's decision."

Earlier on Thursday Abete gave the league and the AIC a 24-hour deadline to reach an agreement before moving the first round of Serie A games to a later date.

"Either an agreement is reached by tomorrow or we will postpone the first round of games," said Abete after Thursday's meeting.

"I have the power to move the first round of Serie A games."