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Jens Lehmann says : Sammer has gone too far in criticisms of Bayern

jens lehmannThe former Arsenal shot-stopper believes that die Roten official cannot afford to get worked up over his club's shows in public once again.

Sammer voiced his displeasure at the Bundesliga leaders’ form following the Champions League defeat to BATE Borisov and even after the Bavarian's victory over Werder Bremen, and Lehmann believes that the former Borussia Dortmund man has gone too far.

“Matthias has blown his lid,” the former Arsenal custodian told TV show Sky 90.

"I don't think he's going to get worked up over Bayern's performances in the media again.

The former Germany international went on to say that that Sammer’s comments are damaging the club’s image, and that competition for places is vital to Jupp Heynckes’ side recovering their early season form.

"He's not going to say anything else like this in public… he can't do, because to do so would mean Bayern losing their credibility,” he said.

"In the Bayern side, everybody has to fear for his position, which is beneficial for the team.”