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Prepare a great opening of Euro2012

euro2012 live openingViewers will see quite an impressive ceremony at the Euro2012 Championships at the National Stadium in Warsaw on June 8, announced by UEFA.

The performance will begin 20 minutes before kick-off of the opening match between teams from Poland and Greece. The ceremony will raise the curtain did three weeks of football at the national level land of Poland and Ukraine.

The concept was developed by specialists in Marco Balich, president of the company that deals with such events. Balich was responsible for opening ceremonies and closing of the Olympic Games in Turin, but it is known in Ukraine as producing the opening ceremony of the stadium "Donbass Arena" in Donetsk in 2009.

The show will last 12 minutes and will mark a historic event because for the first time in the history of European Football Championship will be held in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hungarian pianist Adam Gyorgy, who recently celebrated his 30th birthday with a sold Hall "Carnegie Hall" in New York will play as part of the ceremony "Etude in A Minor" by Chopin.

The show includes choreographed mass of 8000 volunteers who will arrive in the capital of Poland from 63 countries worldwide. More than 150 million viewers will even watch live and the opening match between hosts and Greece, predicted from UEFA.