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Capello hopes Gerrard ready for the match with Bulgaria

capello needs gerrard for euro2012

To recover as much as possible sooner,wished Fabio Capello England to hismidfielder Steven Gerrard for Euro2012 next qulification matches.

Liverpool footballer receive a newcomplication of trauma in the groin,having already undergone surgery fortheir problem in the spring.

Gerard is currently in hospital, with projections that will be out for a month.This almost certainly withdraw it from the accounts of Euro 2012 qualifications with Bulgaria on 2 September and Wales a few days later.

Capello, however, pray midfielder to recover and to enter its accounts for both meetings.


"I think also, Steven Gerrard is a very important player for us and also for Liverpool. It's been a long time this injury.

"I hope he will return quickly because he's one of the players that makes the difference on the pitch."

"I think the competition for places will be good for the club. I thrive on that type of challenge and I'm sure the other lads will as well," the former Blackpool man told the club's website.

"I want to learn and there are some of the best players in the world at this club, so if I can learn from them I am going to improve as a player. That is my aim."