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Udinese defeated Atletico at the end

europa league live betsUdinese came sole lead in Group I of the UEFA Cup, beating Atletico Madrid 2-0 at home. Both goals fell in the last 2 minutes of the meeting. First Benatia found in 88 and then was accurate and Floro Flores.

With this success Udinese already has 7 points in the group and stay with Atletico Madrid 4. Ren and Celtic have 2.

An exciting match was played in the first half and at a time when the supporters of both sides were prepared to accept the deadlock, a weak effort from Diego Fabbrini was struck against a well-placed Benatia, who took control of the ball and easily placed it in the back of Courtois’ net to give Udinese the 1-0 advantage in the dying moments of the contest.

Atletico looked to find a late equalizer, and it was caught on the counterattack. Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu found Floro Flores, who placed the ball perfectly into the corner of the goal, giving the keeper no chance.

With the win, Udinese finds itself at the top of the Group I table with seven points while Atletico is confined to a disappointing second place, and will have to find its scoring touch if it is to regain first place in the reverse fixture.