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Drama at Meazza, Inter crying again

sport live serie a bettingInter beat Udinese 1-0 on "Giuseppe Meazza" in the match of 14th round of the Serie A.

The goal was scored by midfielder Mauricio Isla in 73 minutes.

The ending of the game was extremely dramatic, having received red cards sequentially captain Javier Zanetti of Inter Milan and Udinese defender Damiano Feroneti.

Both teams were given the right to fulfill one penalty in the final minutes, but Antonio Di Natale missed for Udinese and then Giampaolo Pazzini and wrong from the white point for Inter.

Inter is 15th in the standings with 14 points, while Udinese came second with 27, as a driver and Milan.

The guests started the match confidently and in a 12-minute Romanian striker Gabriel Torzhe experience long shot, but the Brazilian keeper Julio Cesar of Inter catch the ball without problems.

Nerazzurri answered with a blow out in a argentinian striker Diego Milito after a nice attack in the 16th minute.

After a quick counter-attack, undergone Toto Di Natale, the reserve Antonio Flora Flores uncovered right handed Mauricio Isla and Chilean midfielder with measured stroke stretched net behind Cesar - 1-0 for the great performance this season and Udinese team.

The drama continued in full force in the 85th minute when 38-year-old Argentine captain Javier Zanetti of Inter Kvadvo Asamoa tripped in the box of milantsi. The referee initially gave Advantage, but Di Natale failed to play the ball and the referee pointed white point - a penalty for Udinese and red card for the veteran Zanetti. Tove and the first red card of the legendary defender in Serie 'A' in his career. stood behind the ball Di Natale, but Julio Cesar got his shot and left Inter in the game. This is the first missed penalty from Di Natale this season.

In the 88th minute Inter receive a golden opportunity to even the score. Defender Damiano guests Feroneti fouls in his criminal field Milito - Inter penalty. Feroneti received a yellow card, but seconds after the Tories, IS such a protest, and like Zanetti had to take to the locker room early. Instead of losing saved Inter However Pazzini slipped and shot the ball pretty comical over the door.